Banyan Tree Award

About the award

The Banyan Tree Award is given to an exceptional person in honor and remembrance of Lali Reddy.  This award was created to celebrate Lali’s enduring spirit and love of people and life.  You have been personally chosen to receive this award by a teacher who recognizes your magnificent and unique qualities and who believes in your brilliant future. 

— In Honor of Lali Reddy —

Lali was a truly beautiful soul, quick to laughter and love.  She found beauty in everyone and everything.  She loved music, food, dancing, and travel and she experienced all of it.  She never sat anything out.  Mention something fun, and she either tried it or was willing to.  Singing and dancing to music while cooking for friends and family was her happy place.    

Most importantly, Lali had this uncanny ability to see straight into your soul and find the beauty and truth in us all.  She made those around her feel safe, protected, and loved. Her hope would be that you can see your own beauty and significance to this world.  Her prayer would be that you find strength in knowing that you are not alone.  When you look at the Banyan Tree, you see so many trunks that support it, keeping it strong and connected.  Lali devotedly supported, encouraged, and cared for everyone around her, and now we hope this award can do the same for you. Just as your teacher clearly sees how amazing you are, you also have the support of the Banyan Tree family, Lali’s family, who believes you are perfect exactly the way you are. We hope that you lean on us and others if you are ever in need.


You can contact us here if you’d like to reach out.

How you can help

If you are interested in supporting future recipients of the Banyan Tree Award, you can donate to the cause by clicking the button below.

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